Divči lies 300 metres to the East of Komen.

Divči lies 300 metres to the East of Komen.
The local road leads to Divči which branches off the Komen-Štanjel regional road by the Komen primary school. From Divči an unsurfaced road leads to the pilgrimage church of St. Mary of Obršljan and further to Tomačevica.
According to a folk tradition the village of Divči gained its name after a farmer named Divkač who had an extensive property on this area and a flock of sheep. After his death (around 1700) some other inhabitants built their houses on this area and so a condensed village was created. At first the village was named Rožce, but then the villagers changed it and named it after its first landlord. Until the Second World War the village was under the village of Komen, but now is an independent hamlet. 

Name of the people who live in Divči: Divčani, number of inhabitants: 45 (year 2015). The village is situated 285 metres above sea-level.

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