The last village of the Branica Valley.

The last village of the Branica Valley, Dolanci, is not far from Kodreti. The village is devided into two lumpy area Gornja vas and Dolnja vas. Between Kodreti and Dolanci the Grnščak Brook runs. It seldom runs dry and continues to the Branica River. In "Lenišče" near the village is also medical spring.
Villagers are proud of the monument dedicated to the baron Andrej Čehovin, who was born in Dolanci. In the village sorroundings (on the place called "Popotnik" - hiker) stands a pil with the Mary of Sveta Gora and on the branch for Dolanci is a pil with St Cyril and St Methodius.

Natura 2000 Branica valley

The village is 7.5 kilometres away from Štanjel and 15.5 kilometres away from Komen.

The village has 24 people (2015), and is situated 170 metres above sea-level.

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