Kobjeglava is known for Karst prosciutto.

Kobjeglava is a large nucleated settlement, which spreads out from the direction of Komen.
According to folk tradition, the name of Kobjeglava originates from the highest peak behind the village called Kop, which was the head of two other peaks. From the village "kop je glava" (Kop is the head). Another explanation is connected with the stables for horses and mares, this could have led to the name "kobila-glava". According to different sources, the first settlement is believed to have been on Merce, an area between Kobjeglava and Štanjel. According to oral tradition, a monastery is believed to have been here. The first excavations which testify to the settlement of the area date back to the Hallstatt era. In the nearby cave, Jelenca, remains from Neothic period were found. The village is mentioned for the first time in 1300 and the land is believed to have belonged to the Counts of Štanjel. A few villagers worked in wool spinning and flax. The village has a well preserved nuclear village core.

Name of the people who live in Kobjeglava: Kobjeglavci, number of inhabitants: 187 (year 2015). The village is situated 327 metres above sea-level.

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