A brook runs through Koboli.

This small village is situated on the area where the narrow valley of the river Raša widens into the valley of the river Branica through the hills Kobolovski hrib and Večkotovski hrib. A brook runs through Koboli, which then fills a trough in the centre of the village which provides water for local cattle. A memorial plaque in the centre of the village is dedicated to "javka" where in 1941 the villagers had their first meeting with partisans. Another memorial plaque by the hill Štjaški hrib is dedicated to the killed hostages from 1943. On the top of the Kobolovski hrib stands a pil dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

*javka= a secret place for communication between partisan units during the national liberation fight.

The village is 5 kilometres away from Štanjel and 13 kilometres from Komen.

Name of the people who live in Koboli: Kobolovci, number of inhabitants: 15 (year 2015). The village is situated 176 metres above sea-level.



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