Brestovica pri Komnu

Brestovica - settlement with the imminent contact with the sea.

Brestovica is a large enlongated settlement, situated in the western part of a low system of valleys on the south western part of the Komen Karst. The village is sorrounded by several elevations: Gredina, Grižnik, Ostri Vrh and Reber, from where a view opens up to the nearby Friuli plain and the sea. The village is split into two settlements, which are also quite different from one another: Gornja and Dolnja Brestovica (Upper and Lower Brestovica). Gornja Brestovica also includes two hamlets: Mošci and Mohorini. Dolnja Brestovica includes the hamlet of Klariči.

The first known data about Brestovica dates back to the Middle Ages when the Aquileia patriarch donated the land belonging to the village to the Monastery of St. Andrew in Belligna to the south of Aquileia. According to oral tradition, the first houses were supposedly built in Mohorini. The area of today`s settlement was next to a lake sorrounded by elm trees (after which the village was named). An important hamlet was established after the lake had disapeared.

Brestovica pri Komnu is known for series of natural phenomena: sinkholes (Dol, Dolinica) and Karst caves, among which the most important are Dolenjca and Drča Jama, which are connected to an underground tributary of the Timava River. In Klariči there is a water pumping station for the Karst water supply. This is also connected to the larger pumping station of Sela na Krasu and provides drinking water for the inhabitants of the Karst and Slovene Istra.

Brestovica pri Komnu was totally demolished during World War I when the Italian army approached the foot of the Grmada Hill during the 11th Isonzo offensive. The village has been famous for centuries for the manufacture of whips, which was an additional source of income for many inhabitants.

Name of the people who live in Brestovica: Brestovci, number of inhabitants: 180 (year 2015). The village is situated 54 metres above sea-level.



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