Kobdilj is a typical nucleated Karst village.

Kobdilj is a typical nucleated Karst village. It is divided into lower and upper parts. It is the birthplace of the architect and urban planner Max Fabiani, who left a deep mark on the settlement.
You can find two separated prehistorically remainings on the top of Gradišče hill. In the middle of the village there are three typical Karst houses with "spahnjenca" and Karst chimneys. Famous Fabiani family started their resident in 1792. Their village name was "Serenzetovi". The latter is characterized by the Serzentovi homestead.
In 15th century a small church of St. George was built on the top of the hill zogether with cemetery where Max Fabiani is buried. Bishop Anton Mahnič was also born in Kobdilj in 1850, an important person in Slovenian cultural, political and Christian circles.

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