Ponds and lokve

Reserves of drinking water have always been scarce in the Karst.


The Luže pond, Komen - an ancient reservoir in the lower part of the village, along the local road which runs between Komen and Volčji Grad. Here you can rest and enjoy the magnificent view of Komen and its surroundings.

Sinkhole pond (kal) in the hamlet of Samči, Sveto to which a road from the military cemetery leads.

The sinkhole pond at the beginning of the village, Gorjansko (coming from Komen), on the regional Komen-Aurisina/Nabrežina road. It is also accessible from Brje pri Komnu.


Lokve, Sveto small water reservoirs where villagers would learn to swim, within the defence walls of the Martinišče hill fort; and a smaller one opposite house number 44.

A village reservoir in Nadrožica, Gorjansko on the unsurfaced road leading to Brje pri Komnu. The turning is situated at the beginning of the village coming from the direction of Gorjansko towards Brje pri Komnu.


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