Cheese trade

Karst sheep
In the past, when the Karst landscape was only a vast dry pasture, a special breed of sheep called the Karst sheep or the Istrian Pramenka sheep was formed. Poor pasture conditions required a humble sheep. However, humble does not mean non quality. This breed is herded on local meadows rich with various herbs; and such meadows are the basic condition for the production of Karst cheese.

Protection of geographical origin
Small cattle breeders in the Karst are aware of the importance of the quality of sheep and goat cheese. Sheep and goat cheeses have specific sensory and textural characteristics, resulting from varied floristic structure of Karst meadows and pastures that is reflected in the diverity of plants. Aried climate and limestone ground contribute to the high content of aromatic substances of grasses, clovers and especially herbs.
The pedologic composition of siol, climate, compostition of pasture grass vegetation and hay give the lamb meat and cheese a distinctive pleasant taste.
Beacuse of the rich tradition and quality, small cattel breeders in the Karst decided to protect karst sheep cheese, Karst goat cheese and Karst lamb meat, with a designation of geographical origin.

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