Karst cuisine

The secret of delicious cuisine is hidden in the select local ingredients.

Time passes slowly in the Karst Region. Therefore, regional dishes are cooked slowly. The recipes pass down from one generation to the next and the housewives never cease improving on them. The secret of delicious cuisine is hidden in the select local ingredients that the Karst people grow with love in their gardens.
In Karst, the Slavic, Germanic and Romanic cuisines have been interlaced for centuries. On the basis of this combination, the karst cuisine-full of taste and Mediterranean freshness-was born.
The Karst cuisine is seasonal, enriched with herbs, wild plants and fruit. Each festival is distinguished by certain pastry, for example the famous Karst "štruklji" (a type of dumplings), potica (traditional Slovenian cake) and apple strudel. Venison and lamb`s meat are prepared in a thousand different ways. On cold days when the harsh bora is blowing, enjoy the warmth of different soups and minestrones. However, do not leave Karst without tasting the delicious Karst "jota", which is thick minestrone soup with sauerkraut or turnip,potatoes, beans.

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