The Tomb of the Fabiani Family, Kobdilj

The tomb of the family Fabiani and and tombstone for Fabiani mother.

The tomb of the Fabiani family is beside the church of Saint Gregory in Kobdilj and is a work of Max Fabiani.

The graves are marked with crosses and tomb plaques; the names of the deceased have almost been erased by time. The "ruling" generation, the one that ruled in this area of Karst in the 19th century, was buried in the family thomb, next to which there is a low pillar, dedicated to Charlotte Fabiani, Max Fabiani's mother in 1923.

At the time when there was strong Italian chauvinism in the Karst, and it was dangerous to put up Slovenian and German signs, the architect Max Fabiani honoured his mother in German, since von Koflers were German from Bozen/Bolzano
in Slovenian, because his mother learned the language (KAMEN TUJCU POVEJ, DA TU POČIVA NADVSE ČEDNOSTNA ŽENA),
in Italian because the Karst at that time was under the Italian rule (RIPOSA QUI UNA DONNA DELLE PIÚ RARE VIRTÚ).

The hands of merciful stranger have been keeping this inscription until nowadays.

Far away from the vineyards and sinkholes; up there,
where the bora gets upset in vain
I like to say goodbye to the Sun
and make my dwelling.

Max Fabiani,1929

GPS: 45.8199932, 13.8513625


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