Church of St. Giles, Sveto

It is unique because of the octagonal shape of its nave.

The Succursal Church of St. Giles (Sveti Tilh in the local dialect) in the centre of the village Sveto, (Briteh) belongs to the Parish of Komen. The church is listed among the most important monuments of sacral architecture on Slovene soil. It is unique because of the octagonal shape of its nave built in 1576 which is covered by an umbrella roof construction supported by just one column (which in the past was wooden). The interior got its present-day appearance during the Baroque period when the main presbytery was added and the altars were made. The main altar originates from a subsidiary church in Gorizia/Gorica and it was, at least partially, made by Angelo Putti (Pozzo), designer of the doorway for the Ljubljana theological seminary. The statue of St. Giles is older. The side altars are dedicated to St. John Nepomucene and St. Janez Nepomuk (the altar piece was made by A. Parolli) and to St. Jeremy (altar piece made by J.M. Lichtenreit). The altar of St. Francis Xavier stands on the former main presbytery which is of Gothic origins. On the western part an independent belltower bearing the year 1599 once stood, but it was later connected to the church building by means of an arch.

GPS: 45.8242479, 13.7318577


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