Anton Šibelja - Stjenka

TIGR member, member of National liberation front, national hero.

ANTON ŠIBELJA- STJENKA (1914 Tomačevica – 1945 Gačnik in Gornja Trebuša).

Anton Šibelja Stjenka is buried in a military cemetery in Vojščica. He began to work as a TIGR member in the 1920s, and was imprisoned in 1940 during the Second Process of Trieste. In 1941, he became a member of the National Liberation Front and began to carry out sabotage attacks in the Karst, of which the most famous was the attack on a line of German military vehicles in Dovce, on 2 February 1944. As an army official, he reached the rank of major. His underground name was Stjenka. In 1949 he was declared a national hero. A commemorative plaque was mounted on the facade of the house where he was born in Tomačevica, plus a mountain hut on Trstelj and the primary school in Komen are named after him. A statue made by A. Segulin representing Stjenka was erected in front of the school.

GPS: 45.8166380, 13.7734450


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